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Distress behaviour and dementia ¦ You be the detective.

As dementia develops, it can cause behaviour changes that can be confusing, irritating or difficult for others to deal with, leaving carers, partners and family members feeling stressed, irritable or helpless. By learning to understand the meaning behind the actions, it can be easier to stay calm and deal effectively with the challenges that arise. When this is so, it is up to you to become the DETECTIVE . Your ability to understand and read the situation by use of good communication tools and the ability to read body language. Can help you understand and recognise the build up to the distress that the person has which is causing the behaviour being displayed. Often we look at behav

Distressed behaviours and dementia

It is fully recognised in the care sector that there are a growing number of people who now require support in one form or another. From domiciliary care providing home care to full nursing care in a specialised care home. As a part of this there are a growing number of people who are now being diagnosed with Dementia and this number is growing every day, putting pressure on existing services. Department of health (2009) states “One-third of people with dementia live in care homes and at least two thirds of all people living in care homes have a form of dementia. This state of affairs has not been planned for, either through commissioning services or through workforce planning.” Care provide

How does training on ABUSE help the most vulnerable in care.

With the most recent case that has been highlighted coming to its conclusion on the 24th July 2017 in the UK. One thought as a nurse and trainer has struck me, how does training on abuse help the most vulnerable in care. I am sure that the carer who is about to find out her fate, believed that what she was doing was not abuse, to make a statement that by spraying impulse body spray into the face and mouth of the person and allegedly saying "it smells better than poo" was in fact providing care. Now I know everyone on hearing of this kind of behaviour gets angry and outcries of she should go to prison is correct and I would agree. But I would like to think that when people first come into car

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