Level 2 Equality and Diversity Training  


Diversity Students

What do we mean by equality?


Is not about treating all people in the same way. It’s about recognising and respecting diversity enough to adapt practice and procedure to suit all.


Equality and inclusion are very important issues and all care workers have a key role to play in promoting equality and inclusion for every service user. This is essential when working in adult social care settings.

What do we mean by diversity?


The range of differences between individuals and within and between groups of people in society.


Where do the differences come from?

  1. Different social, cultural or religious backgrounds

  2. Different ethnicity (ethnic origin)

  3. Disability, gender, sexuality, appearance and family structure or background

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How do you promote equality in a care setting?

·        This is achieved when everyone has equal opportunities to participate

·        Some individuals and groups have traditionally experienced discrimination


All care settings


Are required to have an Equal Opportunities policy that should outline that every care worker must work in line with.

It is therefore important that you have an understanding of equality is taking the same care to promote opportunities for every service user is showing ‘equal concern’ for everyone.

There are also laws about equality and discrimination.

What do learners receive?

·        Course notes

·        Certificate

Course Length

3 Hours


Number of Attendees

Attendees minimum 6 to maximum 15



This training course is available as in-house training at a venue of your own choice throughout the UK.



All delegates will receive a certificate awarded by Advantage accreditation,


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