Level 2 PEG Feeding Training  (Accredited)


Who is the course for?

To provide healthcare support workers and adult social care workers with an overview of the subject, enabling an understanding of assisting in PEG Feeding and maintaining support of nutrition and healthy eating in patients.

What is it mapped to?

  • Level 2 award enables learners to achieve the standard required, knowledge and understanding of a subject relevant to their own work setting.

What do learners receive?

  • Course notes

  • Certificate

An introduction to PEG feeding

This is an introduction to PEG feeding (short for percutaneous endoscopic gastrostomy) for people who have or are going to have

a PEG tube inserted. Or for those who care for someone with a PEG tube, or who may be going to have one put in.

What does the course include?

  • To introduce the Key Terms used in connection to Enteral Feeding

  • To explain what enteral feeding is

  • To explain what the digestive system (tract) is

  • To explain the commonly used routes for tube access through the body

  • To introduce learners to the indications for PEG feeding

  • To introduce the risks associated with PEG feeding

  • To introduce the different types of feed preparations

  • To establish what is needed for Bolus Feeding

  • To establish hygiene precautions for Bolus Feeding

  • To explore the process of Bolus Feeding

  • To explore the process of Bolus Feeding further

  • To summarise the Clean Up Process

  • To introduce relevant people within the multi-disciplinary team and their responsibilities.

  • To introduce learners to potential complications and how to recognise them

Course Length

6 Hours

Number of attendees

Attendees minimum 6 to maximum 15


This training course is available as in-house training at a venue of your own choice throughout the UK.


All delegates will receive an Advantage accredited certificate.








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