Level 3 Medication Competency and Management Training Course  (Accredited)


Medicines management 


In a service that provides care will ultimately be safe, effective and demonstrate that a high-quality service is being delivered and have taken the wishes and expectations of the person receiving the care into account.

This will result in a consistent high standard of care which is compliant with local authorities and inspectorates in care.


The outcome


Should be the best possible health outcomes for the individual and will enable close working relationships within the multidisciplinary team leading to further efficiencies within the health and social care system. Managers and team leaders who manage the competencies of staff administering medication should act in the best interests of their service user.

They must know the therapeutic uses of the medicine to be administered, normal dosage, side effects, precautions and contraindications.


They must have considered


The dosage, method of administration, route and timing of the administration in context of the patient’s condition, co-existing therapies and meals and the knowledge and skills of the person they are assessing. Any discrepancies should be reported to the line manager immediately who will refer the issue to the most appropriate health professional.


Workers who require any additional training


To undertake tasks identified as essential for specific individuals, should be done on an individual basis and shared in their plan of support. These tasks require to be within the boundaries of the professional role. It is not solely a mechanistic task to be performed in strict compliance with the written prescription of a medical practitioner, independent or supplementary prescriber; it requires thought and the exercise of professional judgment.


What do learners receive?

  • Course notes

  • Certificate

Course Length

6 Hours

Number of attendees

Attendees minimum 6 to maximum 15


This training course is available as in-house training at a venue of your own choice throughout the UK.


All delegates will receive an Advantage accredited certificate.