Level 3 Positive Behaviour Support Training Course  (Accredited)

Positive Behaviour Support (PBS)


Is an approach that is used to support behaviour change in a child or adult with a learning disability. Unlike traditional methods used, the focus is not on ‘fixing’ the person or on the challenging behaviour itself and never uses punishment as a strategy for dealing with challenging behaviour.

PBS is based upon the principle


That if you can teach someone a more effective and more acceptable behaviour than the challenging one, the challenging behaviour will reduce.

PBS suggests challenging behaviours are learned, and so are open to being changed. PBS teaches alternative behaviour and changes the environment to support the person well. There is nothing wrong with wanting attention, to escape from a difficult situation, wanting certain items, or displaying behaviours which just feel good.

PBS helps people to get the life they need by


Increasing the number of ways of achieving these things: for example, by developing communication skills. PBS helps people to learn new skills. For new skills to be used regularly, they have to be more effective than the challenging behaviour. We can make this happen by understanding the reasons people display challenging behaviour, and by making sure the new behaviours we want to teach are reinforced in the same way.


What do learners receive?

  • Course notes

  • Certificate

Course Length

6 Hours

Number of attendees

Attendees minimum 6 to maximum 15


This training course is available as in-house training at a venue of your own choice throughout the UK.


All delegates will receive an Advantage accredited certificate.