• Peter Gathercole

I do not have challenging behaviour I am distressed

55% of good communication is through body language. When someone is in pain or hurt we do the one thing that we were taught as a child. "we rub it better, because thats what our mothers did" Staff and carers need to recognise the importance of body language, if someone is rubbing their head it is possible to conceive that they have a headache but can not verbally communicate this. Body language for someone who has dementia and limited verbal communication normally shows a level of distress, this is what is being communicated to us, pain, security, as well as other distress reactions which often gets seen as challenging behaviour, a new approach needs to happen for staff and carers to be able to recognise these distresses that the person has. The reasons as to why, causes, triggers but importantly how to react and manage distress not focus on challenging,

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