• Peter Gathercole

Dementia or Behaviour? You be the detective.

When this is so, it is up to you to become the DETECTIVE . Your ability to understand and read the situation by use of good communication tools and the use of body language.

You can ask some key questions to ascertain the cause of the behaviour.

Suggested questions you could ask as the detective are.

  • Is this a new Behaviour?

  • Does the Behaviour pose danger for the resident or others?

  • Whom is it really a problem for? Resident? Staff? Family?

  • Look at each Behaviour as a separate challenge.

  • When did the Behaviour start?

  • How often does it occur?

  • Is it continuous or does it just happen occasionally?

  • Does it occur or is it worse at a particular time of the day?

  • Is it associated with a particular activity?

  • Does the resident appear to be uncomfortable, fearful, anxious?

  • What is going on in the surrounding environment when the Behaviour occurs?

  • Have there been changes in routines or staff?

  • Has it been possible to reduce or eliminate the Behaviour before?

Once you establish some of the answer's you can then begin to formulate strategies in which staff can use to aid the person in reducing the stress that has caused the behaviour.

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