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How does training on ABUSE help the most vulnerable in care.

With the most recent case that has been highlighted coming to its conclusion on the 24th July 2017 in the UK. One thought as a nurse and trainer has struck me, how does training on abuse help the most vulnerable in care. I am sure that the carer who is about to find out her fate, believed that what she was doing was not abuse, to make a statement that by spraying impulse body spray into the face and mouth of the person and allegedly saying "it smells better than poo" was in fact providing care. Now I know everyone on hearing of this kind of behaviour gets angry and outcries of she should go to prison is correct and I would agree. But I would like to think that when people first come into care the intent to harm and be abusive to another person was not a thought in their head, so why did it change?

As a nurse and trainer I deliver training on abuse of vulnerable persons and I use a series of different delivery, I use the standard this is what the types and causes of abuse are, I use videos to show abuse in action, I use actual case histories to show the outcome to those who abuse and I use open discussion.

So where does training really fit in to preventing abuse of most vulnerable in care, What is needed? What else can we put into the training? How can we ensure that the staff we train fully understand what abuse is and how to prevent it?

Is it that some how during all the process of providing the knowledge to enhance the skills and practice for people working in care we actually are not getting the importance of not just reporting suspect abuse with confidence but recognising the signs and symptoms of abuse in the early stages so that they can report any suspected abuse early.

Can training be used as a powerful tool to instil into people that we can make a difference and protect the most vulnerable in care and society.

I would really like to read your thoughts and ideas of how training can promote protection of the most vulnerable in care.

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