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Customer feedback on Level 2 Dementia and distressed behaviour accredited course

Endeavour care training delivered Level 2 Dementia and distressed behaviour course to the staff of The Moor Centre in Ripon which was booked by their professional development co-ordinator Elizabeth Jacques.

Elizabeth wrote a review on

Peter, the trainer from Endeavour, did a training day which matched our needs at the time. The day evaluated really well, and the staff felt that it was a valuable and informative day. Endeavour tried really hard (and succeeded) to meet our needs as a home. I would highly recommend Endeavour. Liz Jacques, Professional Development Co-ordinator.

As a result of this review, we asked Elizabeth the following questions,

1. What was your needs when booking the training.

2. what was valuable in the training.

3. How did we succeed in meeting your needs.

The answers to our questions that Elizabeth sent are,

1. Our needs when booking the training were that we had a number of staff who were inexperienced in the care of people with dementia. Some could find our dementia unit a bit intimidating as they were unsure of how to cope.

2. The training was valuable because it took away the fear and replaced it with a working knowledge of what could be done to help our residents.

3. You met our needs because you supplied down to earth training, allowing our care team to ask questions in a non threatening environment, sowing seeds which have continued to grow, leading to better care of our residents.

Does your care home deliver dementia care and does your staff find behaviour intimidating?

Would your staff benefit from having their fears replaced with working knowledge on how to help your residents?

Could we meet your needs by training your staff to better care for residents who have distressed behaviours?

Contact Peter to discuss your needs and how we can help you provide a more caring safer environment for your service users and staff.

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