• Endeavour Care Training

Level 2 Dementia and distress behaviours (Accredited)

As dementia develops, it can cause behaviour changes that can be confusing, irritating or difficult for others to deal with, leaving carers, partners and family members feeling stressed, irritable or helpless. By learning to understand the meaning behind the actions, it can be easier to stay calm and deal effectively with the challenges that arise.

Your ability to understand and read the situation by use of good communication tools and the ability to read body language. Can help you understand and recognise the build up to the distress that the person has which is causing the behaviour being displayed.

Our course is accredited and verified to enhance positive attitude by staff in recognising the reasons a person is distressed. The course uses activities for self reflection in what makes us distressed thereby establishing our understanding of our service user.

Practical suggestions on how we can provide a service that is proactive in the reduction of distress is discussed and guided.

The aims of this training course are for learners to understand

  • What is distress behaviour

  • Functional Analysis

  • Wants and Needs

  • Managing distress

  • Personal conditions

  • Coping Strategies

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